A new song at the Avant GaRawge Post Confrince Fireside

The last few days I have been writing a new song. It is called “Inner Singing” and I am excited to announce that Michelle Flowers, the trombonist, will be playing the other part. I started writing songs for soprano and trombone in 2005; it has become one of the orchestrations I enjoy coming back to.

Christian Asplund is the host at this event as well. I quote the text of the event invitation from Facebook:

Post Confrince Music/Poetic Fireside at
The Avant GaRawge
1182 Locust Circle (please enter thru back door of garage), Provo
Sunday 6 October 2013
8:30 pm

Gavin Ryan
Logan Hone
Aaron and Jesse’s Magical Sound Circus
and more!

The Avant GaRawge’s sophomore outing is at hand. The first edition was wonderful and included profound and engaging performances from Luke Swensen, Margot Murdoch, Ellinor Petersen, and others and a really fun vibe and post performance conversation. Please join us again.

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