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A new song at the Avant GaRawge Post Confrince Fireside

The last few days I have been writing a new song. It is called “Inner Singing” and I am excited to announce that Michelle Flowers, the trombonist, will be playing the other part. I started writing songs for soprano and trombone in 2005; it has become one of the orchestrations I enjoy coming back to. Christian Asplund is the host… (more…)

Magnificat for Trombone Choir to be premiered

On April 16th, on Brass Night at the University of Maine, my piece “Magnificat” for Trombone Choir will be premiered, under the direction of Dr. Dan Barrett. It takes place in the Minsky Recital Hall at 7:30. This piece was originally written for voices, but will first be heard in this setting – played by trombones, euphonium and tuba. It… (more…)

Disentangling the vision

One reason that I haven’t been posting here very frequently the last several months is that I have been struggling to write a song. I wanted to get it just right. There are several versions of it, in particular text versions, before they got to the “song versions”. Then one night, when I lay sleepless in bed, I resolved that… (more…)

New pieces

One new piece is called “Marias lovsång” and is based on Mary’s rejoicing words (in the Gospel of Luke) after learning that she would be the mother of Jesus. It was completed last year and some friends and I have tried it out, and hopefully we will perform it publicly eventually. It is a four-part mixed choir piece. The other… (more…)

Recording from the Spontaneous recital

Here are some recordings of the songs Dan Barrett and I performed at the Spontaneous recital on November 28th in Maine. I arrived there Friday evening, on Saturday we tried out a couple of songs, I rearranged two that had been for violin and soprano for bass trombone and soprano. Very fun! I just wonder why I haven’t heard of… (more…)

Improvization Soprano/Trombone Duo

Dan Barrett and I took the chance to do some improvization when I visited Maine. Here are a few clips from our session. It was a lot of fun. Improv clip #1: Experimentation, warm up Improv clip #2: Vågorna och måsarna Improv clip #3: Här får du ett kort

Premiere at UMaine

It was electrifying to be present, first at the dress rehearsal, and then at the premiere performance of my trombone quartet “I will take care of you”. Being present means so much. I can see just how challenging something is for the players, and also if anything is confusing. There were some last minute changes after the dress rehearsal, which… (more…)

Spontaneous recital at University of Maine

Yesterday Dan Barrett and I decided to do a couple of songs at a sponataneous recital at the Minsky Recital Hall at the University of Maine. We will perform “Älskade Dotter” in a new arrangement for solo soprano and bass trombone, and “Vetenskap” from 2005. It will take place at 4:15 pm. Dan is also performing other music for bass… (more…)

Listen to the piece “I will take care of you” (Trombone quartet)

Brass Night @ UMaine on November 29th will include the premiere performance of my trombone quartet “I Will Take Care of You.” It will take place in the Minsky Recital Hall at 7:30 pm. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] This recording presents the first movement, performed on October 19th, also at the University of Maine. There is a… (more…)